Gulfer has Japan Tour in April and May 2018, and they release Japanese edition "dog bless" in March.
We did a interview by David Mitchell (Bass, Vocals). He told us about Gulfer music style, such as the process of music production, the thought on music.

Interview by Yoichi Matsuoka (loqto)
Translation by Takenori Yamamoto

Please, for the Japanese listeners, can you share a little bit of something about yourself “Gulfer”?
(Could be about the formation of the band, members, or the origin of the band name etc.)

David The band started with Vincent (guitar, lead vocals), David (bass, vocals) and Simon (drums) in 2011. Steven (guitar, vocals) joined the band in 2013. Simon and Steven left the band in 2015, and Joey (guitar, vocals) and Julien (drums) joined in 2016.

I heard that you are from Montreal, Canada. What's your home town like?

David Montreal is great. There are a lot of cool things to do and the city itself is really beautiful. It has a really interesting blend of American and French culture which makes it a very unique place. Half of our band is primarily french speaking, and the other half is primarily english speaking.

Are there popular musics in there like “mass rock”, “post rock”, or “emo”?

David I would say the scene for those genres is pretty average here…Some years it becomes stronger and there are more bands, right now it’s a little bit weaker, but it’s still a good scene.

You have released two EPs in the past, and I think your music was established with this full album "Dog Bless". Could you explain for the Japanese fans about your style of music?

David On this album especially I think we’re trying to make fun, catchy “pop” songs within the math rock genre. On our recent releases we were very influenced by emo and we still are, but I think there are some other influences that come out on Dog Bless, and hopefully that makes it a more interesting, varied listen for our fans.

Although the dogs comes up to this album name or song title, and past PV as well, are there deep relationships with you guys?

David Not really deep relationships, but more of a theme that signifies the fun, lightheartedness that hopefully comes across in our music.

How is each member involved in the process of making your songs?

David The songs are mostly written on guitar and voice by Vincent and then the rest of the band will write their parts around it. Joey has also been writing a lot lately - he wrote Babyshoe on the new album, and several brand new songs that will be on our next release.

You guys were traveling and touring around with "fago.sepia", "sport", "You Blew It!" etc, which had been to Japan as well in the past, how was the experience?

David We’ve unfortunately never got to tour with fago.Sepia or You Blew It!, but we have toured with bands like sport, Alaska and Vasudeva. When we toured with Sport they hadn’t been to Japan yet, but we’ve heard very good things about touring Japan from some of our other friends.

This is your first visit to Japan. May I ask for honest opinions of your first impressions to the country? (Impression about Japan ... etc.)

David Japan is a beautiful country with so much history. Everyone we have met and interacted with has been very kind to us. I also really admire how Japan has blended it’s a deep, long-lasting cultural heritage with modernity. It’s part of what makes Japan so cool for me.
Finally, there are so many great bands from Japan that we are excited to play with.

Do you have plans that you would like to do in Japan?

David Sort of! The bizarre thing about being on tour is that you don’t have as much free time to explore as one might think. A lot of our time will be spent at the venues, loading in our gear and sound checking. When we have time to explore, we are very interested in trying Japanese cuisine. Joey is very interested in checking out Zen Buddhist temples around the city too.

Do you have a plan about the next album concept of your band in the future?

David At the moment, we are writing new songs, but we have not decided on an overall concept. Like we have done with past releases, I think we all want to write songs that are fun to play and fun to listen to. Some of the new songs are a little slower and darker though.

Finally, could give a message to your Japanese listeners?

David We just want to express our gratitude for the support from our Japanese fans! Japan is a long way from home and we could not be more excited to play our songs for our Japanese fans. We are especially thankful because we (especially Joe and David) are very big fans of Japanese math rock, so it is special to play here.